The Traveling Plant in Barcelona

Cruel of Tucuman, Paula Bruna

July 17th 2021 (by invitation only)
July 18th 2021 (open to the public)

Barcelona, Spain

Zone Continentale
Altitude: Middle (Hills)
Eco-system: Gardens / Building

Institut Botànic de Barcelona IBB
Passeig del Migdia, s/n
08038 Barcelona

Climate: Temperate
Humidity: Moderate
Light: Moderate
Soil: Concrete & pavement
Vibrations: Silent (little)

Quo Artis Foundation

Event Space: Inside
Humans around: Many

Nature of the event
Ephemeral exhibition and performance

Curatorial statement

Cruel of Tucuman

The Tucuman Jasmine is a plant native to South America. Its habitat, a type of forest in degradation and regression due to human action, is protected. In addition, its cultivation is recommended for attracting the monarch butterfly.

The Cruel Plant is a very aggressive invasive plant in southern Europe and countries such as South Africa or Australia. It suffocates trees in forest and crops, so it is subject to eradication and its introduction into the wild, transport and trade is prohibited.

The Tucuman Jasmine and the Cruel Plant are the same species (Araujia sericifera). The duality of their story, in the style of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, inspires Cruel de Tucumán, a performative installation about these two radically opposed identities deposited in the same species. Two opposing narratives that reflect the ravages of our globalisation on ecosystems, as well as the marked binarism and anthropocentrism that characterises Western thought.

Cruel de Tucumán

El Jazmín de Tucumán es una planta nativa de América del Sur. Su hábitat, un tipo de bosque en degradación y regresión por la acción humana, es objeto de protección. Además, su cultivo está recomendado por atraer a la mariposa monarca.

La Planta Cruel es una planta invasora muy agresiva en el sur de Europa y países como Sudáfrica o Australia. Ahoga al arbolado de bosques y cultivos, por lo que es objeto de erradicación y está prohibida su introducción en el medio natural, su transporte y comercio.

El Jazmín de Tucumán y la Planta Cruel son la misma especie (Araujia sericifera). La dualidad de su relato, al estilo Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde, inspira Cruel de Tucumán, una instalación performativa en torno a estas dos identidades radicalmente opuestas depositadas en una misma especie. Dos relatos enfrentados que reflejan los estragos de nuestra globalización en los ecosistemas, así como el marcado binarismo y antropocentrismo que caracteriza el pensamiento occidental.

Tatiana Kourochkina, Paula Bruna

What is your approach to the project
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Why plants
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Marco Agnolin, economist ; Annick Bureaud, art critic, director Leonardo/Olats ; Paula Bruna, artist ; Tatiana Kourochkina, Director Quo Artis ; Marta de Menezes, artist, director Cultivamos Cultura ; Antonio Riello, artist ; Claudia Schnugg, curator ; Robertina Šebjanič, artist

Commissioned projects
Cruel of Tucuman, by Paula Bruna

Name of the plant
Local name: Planta cruel, Jasmin de Tucumán
English name: moth plant, white bladderflower, common moth vine, cruel vine, false choko
Latin name: Araujia sericifera

Repository (from the event) :


The Traveling Plant is a collective project created in 2020 by Annick Bureaud, Tatiana Kourochkina, Marta de Menezes, Claudia Schnugg and Robertina Šebjanič, and further developed with the following seed organisations Leonardo/Olats (Paris), Quo Artis (Barcelona and Treviso), Cultivamos Cultura (Lisbon), Sektor Institute (Ljubljana) and the initial support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.