Space Shelter Earth

Space Shelter Earth explores critical and poetic alternatives to space stations and habitats through an evolving modular installation collectively created and activated during performances and workshops.
Space Shelter Earth reflects on the current trends and search for what space shelters could be and repositioning this quest in relation to Earth.

To date the project has raised artistic, philosophical and scientific questions that touch on different understandings of Space Shelter Earth:
– shelters for life, Human and non-human alike
– shelters for machines, such as satellites and probes
and their connection to Earth, sheltering Earth on our journey into Space, and Earth as the ultimate space shelter.

Space Shelter Earth is built in on-going “stages”, the results of which are documented here.

Started in 2023 and on-going, the project is born out of the collaborations of curator Annick Bureaud (Leonardo/Olats) and artist Marcus Neustetter (Imaginary Futures) and their 2022 symposium “Global Periphery” and hybrid performance in Paris.

SSE - Stage 1

Incubation Maison Malina Residency Paris June 2023

SSE - Stage 2

Studio Session Vienna September 2023

SSE - Stage 3

South Africa research studio sessions in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth October 2023