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Victoria Vesna

Immigration Advice for the Stinging Nettle

Los Angeles, California, USA

For this dangerous journey – you will encounter many enemies and evil people who will mistake you for a weed so you will have to be very careful and use your magical powers prudently.

Remember to take along the talisman of Thor, the god of thunder who is your protector. Those who are getting in your way may be struck with lightning in one form or another. If you encounter a black swan, take the time to break the spell as this may be the person who will help you on the journey. Also make sure to pack a bag of seeds that you will throw to create your protective community whenever you finally arrive to your destined land.

You may have to get a job while waiting for your green card, so use your healing gifts and offer your services especially to those suffering from inflammation and rheumatism. They will be grateful for your prickly medicine and further aid you to your destination. Although you don’t know where you will land with these unpredictable winds, the fairies can shift the currents in your favor.

Once you finally land on fertile ground that feels like home, reach out to local witches who appreciate your powers to ward off various form of evil sorcery. Gift them the seeds to plant just before springtime and you will prosper when your community arises with the power of the green.