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Tilly Boleyn

A place for you

Wurundjeri Country, Melbourne, Australia
Curator, Science Gallery Melbourne, embedded within the University of Melbourne

A place for you, image by Tilly Boleyn in lockdown.

Hey, so you’re heading to Australia soon. I’d love to show you around. The country is massive with a huge range of climates and conditions. I live on Wurundjeri Country which is in the city of Melbourne, also known as Naarm originally by the First Nations people. You’re probably not that interested in humans but the Indigenous people here are the oldest living culture of humankind. If you were going to be interested in any humans, these are the ones to choose. They’ve been custodians of this land for more than 65,000 years. The plant life is colourful, robust and unique. One tree you *have* to meet is the Wollemi pine, which has been growing here since dinosaurs were roaming. 2020 hasn’t been a year for much roaming. We’ve been in lockdown for long stretches because of that awful virus and the havoc it’s causing. Viruses are the worst. I know, #NotAllViruses but seriously, most of them are such self-centred troublemakers. One nice thing from this year has been the connections I’ve made with plants. I’m surrounded by them. Anyway, can’t wait until you visit! You can even stay with me and housemates. We’ve made a place for you already.