Takashi Ikegami

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Takashi Ikegami

A Virtual Seed and Bio-scleaving* to the World

Tokyo, Japan
Professor, complex systems science, the University of Tokyo

Mind Time Machine (YCMA, 2010), image Kenshuu Sintsubo, project by Ikegami Laboratory (https://www.sacral.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/)

The world is filled with representations. The Adriatic Sea and the skies above Everest are more blue and beautiful than they are, and people never see the other side of these representations. Since the spread of COVID-19, people are just experiencing representations. Such representation is reality, and we are no longer interested in looking beyond representations. COVID-19 is a representation. The sea is also a representation. There is nothing more to know about the sea than recalling memories and the contraction of stored images.

Then, one day, I was driving a car for a rare excursion and unexpectedly encountered the blue fragment of the ocean for a moment. It is an image of the sea that is not constituted of any subtraction or contraction of memories, but is a “bio-scleaves” to the world. It was only possible by the experience with a body.

This is the virtual seed. It becomes a contraction inherited of the memory. But what will be generated from a seed is not a mere memory, it is the full experience of the unbounded world. A seed can sleep for tens of thousands of years, and it begins to be “bio-scleaved” to the world at a critical moment.

* “bio-scleave” is a term invented by poet Madeline Gins in collaboration with artist Shusaku Arakawa in a poem on reverse destiny. It means coupling and de-coupling at a time. The ideas are tightly entangled with being in the world. Read more about their ideas here http://www.reversibledestiny.org/