Nina Yankowitz

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Nina Yankowitz

Traveling to…

New York, NY, USA

Image © Nina Yankowitz

Dear traveling plant, while enduring the global pandemic, I found myself wishing your journey will establish you as collaborator with people to create protective smart clothing fabrics that enable responding to environmental conditions. Forced to uplift your roots as the earth and sky command, your flexibility to absorb liquid and light to generate growth makes you a perfect candidate for partnership! On your journey you’ll encouter the close encountering of the digital kind surfing unknown territories while your stem transfers human emotion extrusions into seeds for smart fabric infusions. The emoting fear via sweat you signal for the fabric’s color changing to a camouflage outfit motif allows blending into the environment, remaining unseen. These smart fibers made via your unique survival techniques can someday be used to keep nature’s elements well fed and protect our global environment from disasters of negligence.