Mari Ito

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Mari Ito

Plants and Me

Barcelona, Spain, originally from Tokyo

Happy rhythm #1 -series origin of desire- wood panel, Japanese paper, pigment, sumi, nikawa glue, 2018
© Mari Ito

In Japan where there are four seasons, the relationship between people and plants has been closely related from a long time ago. Among the songs recorded in “Manyoshu” which is the oldest collection of songs in Japanese history published in 759 AD, the theme of more than one-third of 4516 songs is related to plants. Family crests in Japan are said to have been introduced since the 7th century and family crests that come with plant patterns have the largest number among the family crests. It is said that there are more than 100 varieties of plants that come with family crests and my family crest is wisteria flowers. Japanese culture has decorated plants while celebrating calendar events and has been living with plants. Such DNA as a Japanese person who carries on Japanese culture must have influenced my work and the work of many other painters.