Maja Smrekar

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Maja Smrekar

A Meditation From The Canine Log Book

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Image Maja Smrekar

I’m always ready. There’s so many issues to take care for every day. Need to fetch the ball. Need to check the kitchen dumpster whenever possible. Need to be there when they’re cooking. Need to be there when they’re eating. I like to eat. I also like to chew. Sometimes I like to chew plants. When we’re outside. The other one accompanies me. She can be a pain in the ass. But I like her. She’s easily submisive. But! There’s the third one! I don’t get It. It’s completely autonomus. Sometimes It scratches me. The other one even makes some communication with It. Not me. It’s better to go around It when we meet on the corridor. But. Nevertheless, I have another obligation. The objective is to guard the plant. I never chew that plant. Because it’s inside. But. It always wants to chew the plant. Whenever It jumps up to the shelf; I jump too. I want to stop It. Before It chews the plant. The other one helps me. She barks. I bark too. It usually jumps off the shelf. The plant is safe. I better lay down just under the shelf. Because I’m so busy. Guarding that plant. I pretend to sleep. I pretend not to care. But. I am always ready. To jump. That plant relies on my guardianship.