Gabriel Licina

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Gabriel Licina


South Bend, Indiana, USA

Good Morning My Little Seed,

You have been waiting here in the dark and the cold. For you, this has been a safe place. It lets you know that it is not yet time to go forth.

But now you are ready. I brought you here in my pocket to help you grow. Now it is time to send you home. I have covered you in clay from your homeland, so that you wait till the right time to sprout. Until then, you need to be patient. You will have a long journey ahead of you.

When you were first collected, I brought you to the lab, to teach you how to grow more, so that you would never be hurt again. Every seed is part of it’s mother tree and they have been hurt. You, will be strong.

Your clay coat will protect you from the heat and the birds and other animals. They are your friends, but you need to get to where you are going first. Then you can meet them.

Another reason for your coat is the humans. They… like you when they like you. They aren’t bad, but they are sometimes confused. You will touch many hands, and pass through many machines. Luckily, a seed to them, is just a seed.

But you, my darling, are A Pioneer. You will cross the ocean through the sky. Slip under the noses of the dismissive. You will eventually find the hands of the caring. And if not that, then you will find your own space.

We have eaten up the world, but you will help bring it back. My Little Pioneer, it will be rough, but you are ready. Your new frontier is the wreckage of the unsustainable past. Go become a forest