Evgenia Emets

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Evgenia Emets

Eucalyptus Dreaming

Ericeira, Portugal

Evgenia Emets, ‘I am the message’, fragment of the artwork, eco-print, 2020, part of project ‘Say your name and I will tell you my story’, in collaboration with Cera Project, on-going

You have entered my life through a dream, offering a vision of a new story of your presence here, outside of your original home. In my dream a Rainbow Eucalyptus was growing outside of my house, tall and slender, with slightly curved trunk. Some branches were trimmed, the trunk was scarred, but the tree looked healthy. Parts of the trunk were wrapped in fabric and from the bottom branches hanging offerings. You have challenged me into an initiation. You have offered me your questions. I answer your invitation by offering you my voice. What is your true mission here? What is your message to us, humans? How can we move from hostility to harmony? You invited me to dream together, so here we are dreaming outside of time. And if everything had a purpose, the stolen time, the uninvited invasion, the seeds planted without permission, would inevitably carry the dream to other lands. Becoming the new natives, they would fall into the cracks in the land made vacant for them. You hold space with your roots in the dreaming. Between the worlds you hold many stories I will tell beyond time.