Barbara Imhof

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Barbara Imhof

On Space Station

Vienna, Austria
Liquifer Systems Group

EDEN ISS Greenhouse, credit DLR, 2019

Good morning TP! Is it ok to call you TP instead of traveling plant? Here on Space Station, we use abbreviations a lot. I am in the midst of preparing your arrival. We have this really nice greenhouse which will become your home soon. It is lit through special LED lights and we can adjust the light spectrum so that it is most beneficial to your well-being. Your meals will be delivered by a special nutrition delivery system, providing you with fine-tuned snacks directly to your roots which you can relax under a cover in the dark. So, you see that we have a 5-star place prepared for you. Ventilation is secured, too and I look so much forward to exchange with you some Carbon Dioxide for Oxygen. We will both feel so elevated floating in co-dependency. Noise might be a problem but I can assure you that the location of the greenhouse is in the more silent part of the space station. It is such an honor to welcome you up here aloft and thanks so much for making this tremendous effort to come here. Have a safe launch and splendid trip, see you soon, B. yours.