Alan Tod

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Alan Tod

Why we are traveling

Porto, Portugal

“Spirit”, photography, 39 x 26 cm, 2015 © Alan Tod

We flew through space in group; as do fishes or birds. Like an alive space-ship, we are made of intelligent design. The heavier drives the group. That is elementary physics. We invented math and we use it to shape our body to travel, to grow and to adapt ourselves to the place we land. As we are made of water and so we attract water, we end up to arrive on Earth. There, we discovered animal cells. We raised them to make them more useful and bigger. We invented chemistry to slave them and one day, we gave them a bit of our intelligence and you appeared as Mankind. With time, as they discovered your addiction, some plants called the cereals manipulated you in order to destroy the forest and to propagate their grass all over this planet. As you already know, plants can force you to kill yourself with addiction. But be aware: We are the forest seeds; we are flying from space to create you on earth like a mother and we came in peace. We are just traveling to love.