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First as a painter, then sculptor, town planner, architect, theoretician of art, Nicolas Schöffer was one of the most important artists of the second half of twentieth century. Non-commercial artist, he is less known than others, for, devoted to artistic fundamental research, he creates, above all, at the scale of towns, in which he wants to give back to mankind life pleasure shielded from all kinds of visual and acoustic pollution.

This web site, with more than 130 texts and more than 200 pictures, has been created so as you can come by

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his whole life which continues through his work.

Father of Cybernetic Art, thus of so-called "interactivity", he wanted to bring a prospective and non-backward-looking vision of art, which could help mankind to develop itself with a good hold on true creative and liberating possibilities of our times.
Exhibitions, interviews, shows, movies, teaching, monumental sculptures and 10 published books forms the legacy of this exceptional artist and his exceptional work.

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Patrick MALAN creator of the first web site dedicated to Nicolas Schöffer the 1st of december 1997
Anne-Marie, his wife, for her patience
Eléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer, depositary of Schöffer's work, who gave us texts and images
Agota Nagy, infographist, for her counsels
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Roger Malina (Executive Editor, Leonardo Journal) and Annick Bureaud (OLATS)
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