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Little Memo : Water, the Dogon say, is animated by Nommo, this spirit endowed with mysterious and extraordinary powers - at times fearful - to whom human beings owe a total veneration, forNommo may bring the rain and guaranty men's prosperity, as he may also cause drought and misery, if men and women happen to neglect its worship.

" The Spirit of Water " section gathers artistic works inspired by the water theme. It is opened to artists of all disciplines (plastic arts, literature, photography, electronic arts, dance, music...) The main goal of this encounter between creators from Africa and from the other continents is to examine in all their complexities and diversities the artistic representations and expressions linked to water. The terms of an esthetic study on water will be posed for water has its own imagination and its own esthetic language. And just like air and fire, it has been an endless source of inspiration for all the artists in the world.




  • "The Mirror that Changes" by Annette WEINTRAUB
    (Text in English)

  • "Water's Memory" : Second Edition of the "River Festival" by Camel ZEKRI et Dominique CHEVAUCHER
    (Text in French)

  • "Déluge", Electroacoustic Music by Lucie PROD'HOMME, and Paintings by Jacques MANDELBROJT : A creation inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's poem "The Drunken Boat" and the philosophical essay of Gaston Bachelard : "L'eau et les rêves" : essai sur l'imagination de la matière."
    (Text in French)

  • De "l'eau-vie à l'eau-mort" ou des fondements de la création artistique africaine d'hier à demain by Iba NDIAYE DIADJI
    (Text in French)

  • Liquid Light : Working with Water by Liliane LIJN
    (Text in English and French)

  • Fragments of a Flow : a Thread of Water in the Video Work of Irit BATSRY
    (Text in English)

  • Amazing Amazon : esthétique évolutionnaire by José Wagner GARCIA and Paulo Roberto MARTINI
    (Text in French)

  • The Red Sea by Michael MAZIERE
    (Text in English)

  • " Wave Rings ", An Interactive installation by Nodoka UI (Japan)
    Wave Rings is an interactive installation using water and sound and the objective of which is to establish communication in a public space. Participants communicate mutually with sounds and circles which form on the surface of the water thanks to speakers submerged in the water. The installation draws a circle 150 cms in diameter and 60 cms high. It is equipped with 8 loudspeakers which measure each 20 cms in diameter and which are submerged in the water. Every loudspeaker is placed in regular interval and emits a particular sound. When a person draws near to the installation, the loudspeaker produces a musical sound and its vibration is transformed into circles on the surface of the water. But when several persons come close to the installation, varied sounds are produced and form, on the surface of the water, kaleidoscopic circles interacting with each other. This installation aims to encourage the citizens to interact within a public space and invite them to think about the function of water in the city, and to remember that in the past water used to play an important role in communication.
    (Text in English)

  • " Water Medicine ", an exhibition curated by Kevin MURRAY
    Water Medicine is an exhibition of works by artists that use water. As a setting for their works, the exhibition considers the story of C.Y. O'Connor, the engineer who, a hundred years ago, designed the pipeline that links Perth and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Like the water in that pipeline, this exhibition also takes a journey east - following the weather from Western to eastern Australia, and from Judeo-Christian to Buddhist world views.
    (Text in English and French).

  • Gyula KOSICE, born in Hungary in 1924, is according to Michel Ragon a true " Protée ". From this divinity of the sea he inherited the gift to take varied forms, which means that he is a poet, writer, sculptor as well as an editor. Engaged very early in the the kinetic arts movement, Kosice is the first artist to combine the transparency of the Plexiglass to the fluctuating movement of water. As early as 1946, he realized his first " hydraulic sculptures ". His poetic approach of water, his world close to science fiction, his sense of volume, and the nonconventional quality of his work, make of Gyula Kosice an outsanding artist. He is regarded as one of the promoters of the constructive abstract art in Argentina where he now lives.

    Olats/Virtual Africa is glad to present the following works:

    Gyula Kosice'screation will be also introduced in " Pionniers et Précurseurs ", ( Visitors will be given the opportunity to discover or re-discover the revolutionary author of the " Madi Manifest ", and will have access to a whole range of information about the artist : biography, bibliographies...

  • Carla VAN BEERS : " My Mission is to Materialize Pieces of the Non-material Universe "
    (Text published in English within the context of " The Spirit and Power of Water ")

  • Iba NDIAYE : an artist of Senegalese origin, who is presenting today a series of paintings untitled " Paysages du Sahel ". Realised in the 1970s, during a journey in Mali, they express in an emotional way - deprived of romanticism - Ndiaye's attachment to his native country. These abstract landscapes were depicted when his country was the victim of a devastating drought that turned the land into desert.
    (Text in French).

  • Jonathan ZILBERG : an American anthropologist. In his article " Shona Sculpture and Shona Culture : The Water Spirit ", Zilberg examines the representation of the Spirit of Water " njuzu " in the Shona sculpture and culture (Zimbabwe), on the basis of John Ndandarika's and John Takawira's works.
    (Text in English).

  • Bob GLUCK : American composer, pianist and educator. In his piece of music " Jonah Under the Sea " (1997), " the unwilling biblical prophet Jonah has been tossed from a ship during a raging storm, sinks into the ocean, and is swallowed by a whale. He is bombarded by many sensations -- the rushing tides, confusion, sounds of passing whales, harbor memories, and echoes of human voices ".
    (Text in English)

  • Cynthia RUBIN : American electronic artist. Her interactive piece " Jonah's Memories  " is somehow the visual matching piece to Bob Gluck's work. In fact, Cynthia confesses that Bob Gluck encouraged her to write her own commentaries on the Bible and to work on the Jonah legend. She chose to evoke the moment when Jonah is thrown back " into the waves to invite the viewer to reflect on the world outside of the contemporary construct of linear time. "
    (Text in English)



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